It’s always a pleasure to see you looking over our site. This is the about page of our website and I don’t have the tiniest idea what you would like to see here. Well, most people have different reasons for checking out this page.

For this, I will give you some information about myself and the reason why I made the choice to create this site. It’s all about my passion in sharing details and expertise regarding the subjects that I really like. When you know somebody who knows me, they will definitely confirm that.

One of the most important subjects to me that I wish to talk about is computers particularly.

My relationship with computers started way back in the days of the Commodore 64. This will undoubtedly tell you what my age is and this will also inform you that you’ll find some things that aren’t pretty common to you, specifically for young visitors.

It was absolutely because of the Commodore that I end up doing lots of coding and programming. In those days my storage device, believe it or not, was an old audio cassette recorder! Anybody remember cassettes?

From that point onwards, I became a self-taught coder and I’m continually learning new languages and methods. PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more have already been perfected to the best of my ability.

Over the years, I have been a Windows man simply since I like to tweak and tinker whatever I’m able to reach. For me, Apple always kept things too close to the chest.

I have grown to enjoy helping many people master the computer, programming and coding. In the modern world the computer has grown to be a complete requirement and not an odd luxury restricted to geeks to play with.

The best example of how individuals accept this new technology are my parents who’re already in their 70s.

It was really amazing the way that they managed to conform to computer technology. They often search questions and answers online, watch videos, do photo editing and access emails and social media to talk with their relatives.

My son is already 10 years old and he was really comfy in using computer technology during the last 3 to 4 years. It is very easy for him to use his phone, tablet or laptop to complete his homework, play games and watch videos.

I am sure that at this time, you already know the explanation why I’m really captivated by computer technology and all sorts of related topics to this. It is also the reason why this blog is produced. I also wish to reach out to as many individuals as feasible who also have the same passion. If I could be able to help folks with their concerns, enjoyment and fascination on the world of computers, it would mean that my time is well spent on this site. If you need me for anything with regards to computer-related topics, you must tell me right away. You could simply drop an email or you can leave a comment to my blog posts since I always read them.